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I'm an award-winning journalist who also happens to be a third-generation funeral director. I spent years in the daily newspaper industry before starting an agency to provide marketing and public relations services to startups, small businesses, and political campaigns. 


I thought I had seen it all, then I became a funeral director. When a friend's daughter couldn't find a wedding officiant she liked, I became ordained and began performing weddings as well. Other celebrations soon followed.

TLDR: I've seen it all and made it work. Let me handle the stressful stuff. 

Death Doula/ Spiritual Midwife

Dying is often a process that occurs over weeks and months, sometimes after a period of poor health that has been physically and emotionally exhausting. The process can be scary and overwhelming for everyone involved. A death doula or spiritual midwife walks with the family through the process, providing support and answering questions, akin to the way a birth doula or midwife supports a laboring woman and her family. With this support, we help families make the most of the time they have and minimize  suffering as much as possible for everyone involved.

Funeral planning and funding

Make your wishes clear, so your family isn't left wondering what you would have wanted, where to find critical documents, or how to pay for it all. This is a small but critical step in the end of life planning process.

End of Life Planning

We plan everything these days, but have you given any thought to what your last days and months might be like? A well-rounded end of life plan helps you put your house in order and legally document your wishes for things like the types and kinds of medical interventions you wish to have to sustain your life in a variety of situations. It's also an opportunity to create a roadmap to important documents and information loved ones might need when the inevitable occurs. A few hours spent here can save countless heartaches down the road.


Death and dying are hard topics to discuss for many families, and too many people allow their anxiety about it to delay the conversation entirely. Let us facilitate a dinner, wine tasting or other event to start the conversation with your family.

Life Interviews

Define your legacy. Tell the story of your life during a documentary-style interview. Share favorite memories, nuggets of wisdom and wishes for your loved ones. Delivered in high quality audio or video. Transcriptions and companion websites available. 

A little planning can change everything.

As a funeral director,  the most heart breaking part of the funeral industry for me was watching the same mistakes being played out over and over again by families trying to figure out what to do in the face of the overwhelming grief. 

That's why I'm so passionate about educating families about the steps they can take to ensure that when someone dies, their family can focus as much as possible on grieving and less about things like how the bills are going to be paid or where to find critical documents.

It may not be pleasant, but there are difficult conversations we should have with our spouses and loved ones. The time to have that conversation is now: before a crisis occurs.

About 1

Bring Your Vision to Life, Stress Free.

My teams have provided event planning services to corporate and small businsess clients for over 15 years, so I've got a well-refined system for pulling events off without a hitch. My time in the funeral industry taught me how to do all those things in the span of just two or three days. Wedding and other celebration planning services have been offered to couples and families since my ordination in 2013.
Planning & Budgeting

Determining needs and wants first goes a long way towards building the perfect event at any budget. 

Venue & Decor

A great venue can make up for a multitude of sins. The right décor can turn any spot into a perfect venue instantly. 

Event & Guest Coordination

No matter how well it is planned in advance, every event has details (and guests) which need attention on the day of the event. Let us handle the static so you can enjoy the event. 

Custom Ceremonies

Let's tell your story. Every aspect of the ceremony, from the readings and music to movie references and secret handshakes, is crafted to reflect you and your relationship.