Books 1

By Michelle Carter

Judy's Son vs. the Sheriff

A true crime tale

In a mostly rural county in New York, the Sheriff and District Attorney were locked in an increasingly bitter power struggle. One fought for justice and the rule of law while the other struggled to hold onto tremendous political power earned through years of patronage, back slaps and corruption. The hapless victim of their war was an innocent personal trainer who spent over a year in jail for a crime the jury said never even happened. His only crime was being friends with a poltical rival- a rival with wildly famous mom. Read the true story of what happened and the media circus that followed.

Books 2

Award Winning Journalist

Michelle Carter

Michelle Carter is an award winning daily newspaper journalist who now applies her talents to books and podcasts. Links to supporting documentation and unedited interviews are posted when possible. 

Other Books

Books 3

The FealGood People

In the days following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on New York City, New Yorkers were told the air was safe to breathe. Politicians promised the city and its people they were not alone, and would have eveything they needed to rebuild and move on.  Brave and determined spent days and weeks on " the pile" hoping to rescue victims, and then recover bodies. Years later, they started becoming ill. Hundreds have died. While they face the fight of their lives, they are also fighting the federal government for the medical coverage which has been promised, provided, and then defunded over and over agin. These are their stories. 

Books 4

The Mourning People

Michelle Carter is a third generation funeral director who has worked at a number of funeral homes around New York State. A funny, creepy, heartbreaking and heartwarming collection of tales gathered over a lifetime in funeral service. 

Books 5

Not That Michelle

The perils of being a Gmail early adopter- getting messages every time a sender forgets things like a middle initial or a number. These are the true and crazy stories of getting your inbox blown up by strangers from around the world. 

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