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Making difficult conversations a little easier

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations.”

-Oscar Wilde

Death Dinner & Delights 1

Family dinners with  a twist

Death, dying, finances and final wishes can be touchy and difficult subjects for anyone to discuss, even with family. That's why I started Death, Dinner & Delights. You plan a family dinner at the location of your choice (most prefer home), and I'll come facilitate the hard part. 

 We'll touch on financial planning,  wills and estates, medical and care wishes for end of life, and funeral and disposition preferences.

When discussions like this occur together with family, it can do a world of good once a crisis occurs: everyone will be on the same page about what plans were made, what someone's wishes are, and why.  

Thanks to partners Red Door Baking Co.  and Dylan's Wine Cellar, families can also add a desert, wine or whiskey tasting to the experience. 

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