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Funeral and end of life planning

It's not enough to simply tell loved ones you want to be buried or cremated. Dying well means thinking through and documenting your wishes for medical treatment in a variety of scenarios, and understanding hospice and palliative care so you can make the most of the time you have. It also means planning ahead for how you wish to address your estate and pay for your care.


Some conversations are harder to have among family. Schedule a family dinner (with optional wine, whiskey or dessert tastings) and we'll help facilitate a discussion about end of life, funeral and estate plans, and other difficult topics.

Death Doula/End of life advisor

Knowing the end of life is approaching can be a painful, scary and overwhelming time for everyone involved. When you know a death is sadly imminent, we'll walk you through getting affairs in order, documenting wishes and understanding if and when to get hospice and palliative care involved. We'll sit vigil with you, answer questions and contact friends and family for you. Whatever it is you need, we're here. 

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End of Life Photography

The memories made in the last few months of a loved one's life are often some of the sweetest for their family. We work with a team of professional, sensitive and compassionate photographers who can help capture these beautiful and special moments with family and friends.

Life Interviews

We'll record a documentary-style interview with you about yourself and your life. Talk about your family history, favorite memories and biggest achievements. Leave loved ones with a few last nuggets of wisdom. Delivered in studio quality audio and optional HD video. 

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Advance Directives

Appointment of Agent for Disposition


Estate Planning

Life Insurance Policy Review

Anatomical Donation

Organ and Body Donation

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Living Will

Personal/Digital Property Memorandum

Digital/Social Proerty Executrix

Satisfied Clients

"Ultimately, both Ken and Mike suggested I speak to a fellow HVGCC member, Michelle Carter, who serves as a funeral consultant.  For a reasonable fee, Michelle educated us about all of the necessary steps, taught us what expenses are mandatory and where the industry tries to up-sell and through her vast network of contacts called and negotiated the fees and procedures for us while guiding us through the entire process.

 As someone who always second guesses myself in areas where I have no experience, having Michelle handle this tough situation as our representative saved us literally thousands of dollars and her value significantly exceeded her cost.  I am copying Michelle on this email, a fellow member of the HVGCC, and give her my highest recommendation.

 Thanks to all.

 Michael J. Wieser, Esq."

"Michelle gave me the ultimate gift- she helped me to present at a time when all I wanted was to run away. She handled so much of the background noise so our family could be together without worrying about everything else that was going on. I'll never forget it."

-Melanie, Katonah

"I thought I had everything all set. There was so much I didn't know. Michelle was thorough and covered everything. I sleep well knowing my family doesn't have to worry about anything."

  -Janet, Scarsdale

"I didn't know the first thing about planning a funeral out of state. Michelle answered all our questions, did some research of her own and put us in touch with a funeral director who treated our family well and charged us fairly. She was great. "

-John, Cortlandt Manor

End of Life Blog

When Is It Time To Start Planning End Of Life

When Is It Time To Start Planning End Of Life

https://youtu.be/gpxfXPpJpHs I'm Michelle Carter, your End of Life Coach here to answer your most frequently asked questions. When is the right time to plan for end of life? Well, the answer is right now. Right now, when you're not in a crisis situation, when you're...

What is The Etiquette For A Wake

What is The Etiquette For A Wake

https://youtu.be/8TqCQdB8ej4 Hi, I'm Michelle Carter, your End of Life Coach, and I'm here to answer your most frequently asked questions. What is the appropriate etiquette for a wake or visitation of viewing? The etiquette is pretty straightforward as far as attire....

What is an End of Life Coach?

What is an End of Life Coach?

Hi, my name is Michelle Carter and I am an End of Life Coach. I'm also a third generation funeral director. I'm actually one of nearly a dozen members of my family who are funeral directors. I have lived in this industry my whole life. I've even spent most of my life...

What is a wake?

What is a wake?

Hi, I'm Michelle Carter, your End of Life Coach. And I'm here to answer your most frequently asked questions. What is a wake, or visitation or calling hours? All of these phrases mean the same thing. It's the act of gathering together family and friends to help...

What is a DNR?

What is a DNR?

What is a DNR and how does it work? A DNR is a Do Not Resuscitate order. That is something that is in writing that says that should something occur and you can no longer sustain your own vital life functions like breathing, that life-sustaining efforts like CPR will...

What is a direct cremation?

What is a direct cremation?

 What is a direct cremation? What is a direct burial? In  funeral home jargon, a direct cremation or a direct burial is a cremation or burial that occurs when no other services are rendered. So there's no embalming, there's no visitation, there's no funeral...

Do I have to be embalmed?

Do I have to be embalmed?

Do I have to be embalmed? The short answer is no. In most circumstances you have the ability to select services that do not require embalming as part of the process. However, there are scenarios when it is required, but you have the right to choose other options. For...



Talking about death isn't easy. Some people just can't do it because fear, superstition, manners or something else gets in the way. While it's easier to avoid awkward and potentially painful conversations in the short term, the long term consequences can be...

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